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Lollipop 4D Baby Scans offer 3D, 4D and HD Live baby scans, dating scans and reassurance scans as well as early gender scans from 15 weeks in Manchester city centre.

We are experts in ultrasound sonography and capturing images of your baby that will be treasured for a lifetime. Our state of the art HD technology let’s you see baby like never before.

We combine cutting edge technology with a relaxed environment to bring unbelievable images of your unborn baby to life!

We provide a comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy your 3D 4D baby scan experience. In addition we use state of the art scanning equipment and fully qualified staff meaning the experience and the images of your 3D 4D Manchester baby scan are of the highest quality. We aim to provide you with the best possible experience at this most memorable time of your life so that your 3D baby scan experience can be cherished forever.

Our central Manchester location is perfect for a Manchester baby scan, easily accessible from Manchester city centre train stations including Deansgate, Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Victoria. The closest metrolink stop is Piccadilly Gardens. In addition we can be accessed via Manchester city centre bus routes.

There is no denying pregnancy can be a stressful time, having a 3D/4D baby scan and seeing your baby in 3D for yourself can help to alleviate the stress.

We offer packages to suit every budget. Our baby scan pricing is very competitive and our gender record is second to none.

A 3D baby scan is the perfect present for a pregnant friend, sister or daughter, it’s also a wonderful baby shower gift. We have gift vouchers available.

We have several ways for you to remember your 3D or 4D baby scan including photographs and DVDs.

So if you’re looking for a 3D baby scan or a 4D baby scan in Manchester city centre give our friendly staff a call or send us an email.

You will remember the experience for the rest of your life, make it the best!

We only use trained ultrasound staff who are experienced in 3D baby scans, 4D baby scans and early pregnancy scans.  When you come for your 3D baby scan with us you can be guaranteed of a professional service in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for a Manchester baby scan then give us a call today.


When you come for your 4D baby scan we know what a special time it is for you and your family and we are so honoured to be a part of it. We love to get to know you and your little one. One of the big decisions to make when pregnant is to decide upon a name for your little bundle of joy and we know what a difficult decision that can be! Here are some ideas of the names which we are hearing at the moment. For boys Jaxon and Jaxx have been dominating for the past few months. It’s a really edgy take on the more traditional Jackson and we love it. For girls there always seems to be more choice! One of the names which has been most popular over the past few months is Ava, which is hardly surprising as it’s such a beautiful name.



We want you to get the best out of your scan experience which is why we do absolutely everything we can to ensure we offer the best baby scan experience in Manchester. However, there are thing you can do too to help you get the best scn experience on the day. Firstly regardless of how many weeks pregnant, you are it is best to arrive at the baby scan with a full bladder. Don’t forget it is much easier to empty than to fill! A full bladder is most important during early scans as it can make a huge difference. If you are having a baby scan from 15 weeks onwards we suggest having plenty to eat beforehand. The more you eat the more active your baby will be during the scan. This is so important when we want to see your little one’s face in 4D or ensure they don’t have their legs crossed preventing us from confirming their gender! We love watching active babies in 4D, sucking their thumbs, touching their face, playing with the cord, licking the placenta! There is nothing more precious than being able to watch your little one playing during a beautiful 4D baby scan.


Before you book a baby scan, make sure you are booking the best possible experience. You only have the one chance to get it right so please make sure you book the best. New technology is improving all of the time so it is important to choose a Manchester baby scan center which offers the newest and most cutting-edge ultrasound technology. Here at Lollipop we are confident we have the newest technology as our 4D ultrasound machine was made especially for us and only arrived from the factory a matter of weeks ago. We believe in offering the best possible scan experience and we can’t do that on a machine that isn’t brand new. So please, before you book, check that your scan will include HD LIVE technology and the newest 4D ultrasound technology.


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You can contact us with any queries by using the form below. Please contact us by telephone 01616695842 to book appointments. 

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