October 9, 2018

8 Benefits of 4D Ultrasounds During Pregnancy 

Ultrasounds play a big part in ensuring the success of a pregnancy. 4D ultrasounds provide greater detail and image quality compared to 2D or 3D. Real-time motion is captured, allowing better observation and evaluation. With its numerous benefits; it is no wonder that it is becoming more prominent these days.


  1. Receive Clear and Detailed Images Inside the Womb

A 4D baby scan in Manchester provides a clear, better, and detailed image of the baby. It can produce an image of the baby’s actual face, their eyes, nose, and mouth. And, you can also get other essential images from facial features and expressions to internal organs. Parents get the opportunity to see their baby smile and move inside the womb. These detailed images are important in evaluating, measuring and observing the baby.


  1. See Real-Time Movements and Activities of the Baby

Aside from getting an incredible picture of the baby 4D ultrasound Seeing the baby move inside the womb helps in evaluating their movements. 4D ultrasounds help so much in enabling doctors to observe and remark on the baby’s activities in real-time like yawning, sleeping, kicking, thumb -sucking, blinking and more. Not only are there images amazing to see but they are also an important indication of the baby’s health.


  1. Supports in Developing Stronger Parental Bond

One of the greatest benefits of getting 4D baby scan during pregnancy is helping parents create a bond with their developing baby from the beginning. It offers a mother to get a clear and realistic glimpse of the baby growing inside her. Also, it allows a father to develop a sense of closeness and establish stronger and better bond even before the baby is born.


  1. Easy and Reliable Way to Figure Out Baby’s Gender

    While the baby’s progress of development is utmost important, parents also love to know the baby’s gender before their baby is born. Gender scans can be done to reveal the baby’s sex as early as 15 weeks of its developmental stage. Usually, parents love to know the gender of their child as early as possible. It brings great joy and excitement to the parents and their loved ones during their gender reveal.


  1. Get More Accurate Gestational Age and Estimated Due Date

Manchester baby scan helps confirm the baby’s gestational age. It also aids in determining the estimated due date of the pregnancy. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure that allows medical professionals to get a more accurate measurement and evaluation of the baby. They get a better read to help then ensure that there is sufficient amniotic fluid, as well as get an assessment on the blood flow through the placenta.


  1. Early Detection of Pregnancy Issues, Abnormalities or Malformations

Any physical deformity of the baby can be identified early on using the 4D ultrasound, like cleft lip and other malformations. It provides higher levels of accuracy to help detect and examine the scope of the abnormalities which gives more time to make certain and possible actions or medical procedures to remedy the situation. Doctors and parents can act quickly and would also be able to make any preparations necessary to care for the baby after it is born.


  1. Brings Satisfaction, Comfort, and Peace of Mind

What is more gratifying for mothers-to-be than to be able to see their unborn baby. It gives expecting parent’s reassurance and comfort that their baby is doing well. They can sleep well and focus on other important stuff. Most importantly, they get the peace of mind and confidence that they need upon ensuring they get the best possible outcome.



4D baby scans are getting extremely popular among expecting parents. It helps in making sure that the baby is perfectly healthy even before they are born. This technology helps mothers and medical professionals that the baby is getting the best care possible, thus ensuring and increasing the success of pregnancies.

October 9, 2018

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