June 4, 2019


Pregnancy weeks 9-12

As you come to the end of your first trimester, baby becomes fully formed, you will hopefully becoming to the end of any morning sickness and you finally get to see baby at your NHS dating scan.
Week nine
Although still only tiny, baby is starting to resemble a proper baby with facial features beginning to form. All the internal organs are continuing to develop and those little fingers and toes are continuing to elongate into actual digits. Baby now has eyelids although their eyes stay closed and although still too small to feel, they are making the most of their space by moving and kicking about.
Although you may not be feeling it in general, you may feel like you are struggling to get in to your favourite jeans! This is normal as you will start getting bigger and put weight on. Also, mood swings are perfectly normal so feel free to let loose if something annoys you, remember you’re pregnant so you’re allowed.
How big is baby: An olive

Week ten
Your little one is now powering on and beginning to grow at a faster rate per week. A lovely occurrence around this time is the full formation of the heart, racing along at 160 beats per minute. Although it is still growing in size, it now has everything it needs and will ever have.
Another amazing fact, is the jaw is forming and already contains the milk teeth!
As for mum, you may notice the hormones making you a bit spotty and you may now see a little bump forming. You may start seeing veins on your breasts which is perfectly normal and pretty vital as they carry the increased need of blood. You may feel dizzy also so as always take it easy and if it gets too much take a rest. You may also feel more thirsty so remember to stay hydrated and continue to eat healthy.
How big is baby: A prune


Week eleven
Although obviously baby has a lot of growing to do they are almost fully formed now. Although we can’t ascertain the sex for another four weeks, the testes and or ovaries are starting to form. You should have your NHS dating scan in the next few days and if you’re lucky you may see baby moving as they can be quite active at this stage. Although the facial features are quite developed and hair follicles are developing, their eyes are still very much closed.
If you are suffering from morning sickness the end ‘should’ be in sight as lots of women see this disappear from 12 weeks onwards. If you are feeling it, take it as a good sign as this means there are lots of hormones and remember, about ¾ of women feel this so you aren’t alone!
How big is baby: Brussel sprout



Week twelve
As you come to the end of your first trimester, baby continues to move around a lot but they are so small you won’t be able to feel them. You should have your NHS scan this week so can see baby during this and this the first, amazing time you’ll get to see baby. This is a wonderful time so try and enjoy it. If you’re looking to find out the sex at 15 weeks, after your dating scan is usually a good time to give Lollipop a call and we can get you booked in for your 15 week gender scan. Although those genitals are there now, we can’t unfortunately see them via ultrasound for another 3 weeks.
Hopefully, for you who have been suffering from morning sickness, the end of this trimester can signal the end of this. Although, some woman will continue to have morning sickness and if excessive this is known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

How big is baby: A plum


June 4, 2019

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