November 5, 2018


Pregnancy Weeks 5 to 8

Between the weeks of 5 and 8 there are huge changes for you and for baby too. Baby’s development sees them beginning to form the features they will have when fully developed and where baby turns from the embryonic stage into a foetus.

Unfortunately, these changes come with a price as morning sickness may start with vengeance in this period as well as extreme tiredness and other symptoms.  Just remember, you’re growing your own human being and no one said it would be easy!

5 Weeks Pregnant

Although we still can’t see (or hear) it your baby’s heart may well be beating now as two little tubes and the limbs are starting to turn from little buds into longer limbs. Although these changes are occurring, the really fast developments are happening in the head due to the brain developing rapidly so it can support the growth elsewhere in all the important functions and organs.

You may be feeling very sick in the morning now but it does get better (some Lollipop ladies swear travel sickness bands can help with sickness) and the most important thing to do is relax and eat well.

Although morning sickness is a very unwelcome side effect, on the plus side your boobs will start to get bigger now and can go up to three cup sizes larger!

One bad thing about being this early is you do get sickness and tiredness but no one can tell (subliminal messages would be amazing right now) so don’t feel ashamed or shy if you have to ask someone to give up their seat on the train or you need a lie down in the middle of the day. You’re growing a baby and that is hard work.

How big is baby: Pepper corn (5mm long or so)



6 Weeks Pregnant

That two tube heart from last week has undergone rapid change in just one week and is now a four chamber heart which will be pumping blood around the body. The heart is beating at around 100 times a minute, which is understandable with the truly incredible transformation its supporting. Vital organs like the kidneys and lungs are still developing but are now noticeable. Also, those limbs are starting to look like little paddles now as they start to take shape, rather than just buds.

As they start to develop further and the neck is formed, baby starts to uncurl a little as the tail begins to straighten and it may now be possible to see where the facial features will eventually form.

Morning sickness may well have kicked in properly now so make sure to rest where possible. We have plenty of tips to help with morning sickness, just ask! However, you may want to speak to your doctor if this is severe, as this can cause additional problems and dehydration which is not good for baby. Sometimes a hospital stay is required if you are not able to keep anything down for a long period of time. At hospital fluids can be given intravenously and an eye kept on baby.

You may well be anxious to pass on your good news to friends and family so just one week to go to see that all important heartbeat.

How big is baby: Pea (5-6mm)


7 Weeks Pregnant

Again, a truly remarkable stage with those buds now having webbed fingers and toes, a heartbeat of up to 160 beats per minute and the news baby can now be officially called a foetus, the little person is really starting to take shape. The kidneys will be getting ready to do their job but baby has already had three sets before these.

As well as the kidneys doing remarkable things, the brain continues along at a pace, generating lots of new nerve cells as the nervous system is formed. The mouth is just starting to form but the eyes and nose are now a little more prominent and the tail is starting to disappear, being taken over by baby’s legs.

You may be well into the realms of sickness now but if not, it can come now as a very unwelcome surprise. Continue to get rest and also be alert to extreme sickness as this may need to be monitored. Some ladies complain of heartburn at this stage too as hormones increase inside you. It’s normal for your breasts to swell and even be sore as they begin to get ready for breastfeeding.

7 weeks is a key stage as now during an ultrasound scan, Lollipop 4D Baby Scans can detect the heartbeat which means we can obviously assess viability, see the baby’s heartbeat, date the pregnancy more accurately and, in some cases, give the news there may be twins, triplets or even more! So now is the time to book your early pregnancy scan at Lollipop!

How big is baby: Blackcurrant (around 11mm)



8 Weeks Pregnant

Although baby is now constantly moving around, you can’t feel it as they are just too small still! Not every 8 week early pregnancy scan will show the baby moving. Sometimes  Progress is still occurring in all the major organs and limbs as the hands and toes begin to take shape, the diaphragm is forming, and some limbs are beginning to develop actual bone.

Hormones can do different things to different people but you may be thirstier than usual, morning sickness may still be affecting you and of course, extreme tiredness. It can be hard work but you are growing a human being inside you. One thing that can be really unforgiving is certain smells can make you feel nauseous, you’ll find out what these are pretty quick!

Now would be a good time to get booked in for an early scan if you are having any anxiety over baby and just need some reassurance. You can also get the pregnancy date estimated at this date and as you are further along, most scans at this stage can be conducted externally, so no need for an internal scan. There are of course scenarios where an internal scan may be required but it is very rare.

How big is baby: Olive (around 16mm)




November 5, 2018

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