September 15, 2018

Sally’s Blog

Our lovely Sally is 12 weeks pregnant and is kindly going to share her journey with us. You might remember her from “Don’t tell the Bride“! Read about how she’s getting on below.

So today I had my 7-week scan to check on baby! I’ve known a few weeks, we actually just found out before me and hubby were due to go on holiday, so no drinking allowed. Typical! I already have a 5-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl so another baby was not really on the cards, but they say the best surprises are those you’re not expecting.

So here we have baby no 3!!

I’m so glad there is only one after all the sickness I’ve had the last week, you would think there was a tribe in there. I can not even smell food without being sick not to mention my beloved coffee is a thing of the past?

I’m not used to this as I didn’t have sickness with my other 2 so it’s a very unpleasant surprise. However, on the plus side can I take a moment to talk about my boobs, they have doubled overnight ( hubby is very impressed).

This pregnancy is already so different from the others, I hope you follow me through it and make sure you check out my gender reveal at 15 weeks with Lollipop 4D Baby Scans. I wonder what I’ll be having, girl or boy ??

September 15, 2018

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