July 3, 2019

When Something Special Happens …

We LOVE it when something exciting happens and the day Amy and Garry came to see us was definitely exciting, and gave us something we hadn’t seen before and certainly haven’t seen since.

We definitely didn’t expect the day to pan out like it did when Amy Johnson and her partner Garry came into our Manchester branch of Lollipop Baby Scans to find out the sex at their 15 week early gender scan. This was extra special for Amy and Garry as this was their little rainbow baby after sadly losing a baby previously.

The scan seemed to be normal but during the scan, when Amy was asked to empty her bladder by the sonographer in the hope their little one would move position, Garry was actually preparing himself to ask her a very important question, with Amy having absolutely no idea.

Whilst Amy was away in the bathroom, Garry quickly set out some non-alcoholic champagne and two champagne glasses that he had secretly packed. Anyone who knows our lovely Anna may well know she is a sucker for excitement, champagne and secrets so she was beside herself!

So as Amy walked back into the scan room, ready to find out the sex of her baby, Garry was waiting on one knee the champagne and a beautiful ring, and he popped the question in the most romantic manner. The tension was palpable but it was never in doubt and Amy of course said yes.


As well as this and to top of an amazing day for the couple they found out that they were having a gorgeous baby girl, meaning a huge double celebration was in order. Amy said that she had absolutely no idea about the proposal and was shocked to say the least.

They were so happy and appreciative that the sonographer could capture their special moment with photographs and videos, and especially love the photograph of Garry in front of the photo of their baby girl up on the big screen. Obviously, it was all our pleasure to share such a lovely occasion.

Later in Amy’s pregnancy, at 28 weeks, the couple came back to take a look at their little girl in 4D and we were so happy to capture some lovely images of her beautiful little face.


Amy and Garry recently celebrated their special day and there is no denying that Amy looked absolutely stunning!


Amy has now also given birth to their adorable baby girl, Emily, who I think we are all a little in love with! With baby Emily being her last baby the experience will always be memorable and treasured and us at Lollipop Baby Scans are so happy to have been part of it.


Everyone at Lollipop would like to give a HUGE congratulations to Amy and Garry their baby girl and special day, and we would like to thank you thank them for our first (and hopefully not the last) Lollipop engagement. We are so honoured that we were able to be a part of their special moment and wish them all the best for the future.

If you’re looking to propose to your partner, or an early 15 week gender scan then please get in touch.

July 3, 2019

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