Early Gender Scan – Manchester

Get your early gender scan in Manchester a whole week earlier with Lollipop 4D Baby Scans, as we do the from 15 weeks! You don’t need to worry about coming earlier as all our staff have an exceptional record after conducting 1,000’s of gender scans from 15 week. You can also include the gender in all of our pacjages. What to expect:

  • Hear baby’s heartbeat
  • Find if it’s a boy or a girl and have added reassurance with our guaranteed rescan policy*
  • Lollipop guarantee we will aim to get as many 3D/4D pictures as we can in your allotted time frame. We don’t do PEAKS as with other clinics, we find the sex in 2D and then spend the rest of the scan finding lovely keepsake pictures of baby
  • Lots of reasonably priced extras such as bears, cannons and balloons for your gender reveal

Package 1 (£70) – 2D/3D/4D/HD gender scan with 2 pictures printed and a CD with all the images on;
Package 2 (£90) – 2D/3D/4D/HD gender scan with 2 pictures printed, a CD with all the images on plus a moving DVD of the scan;
Package 3 (£110) – 2D/3D/4D gender scan with 2 pictures printed, a CD with all the images, a moving DVD of the scan and a Heartbeat bear with babies heartbeat inside.

*Only valid if 15 weeks or over on day of scan. Must be proven with hospital report.

Gender scans are 10-15 minutes if baby is playing ball. If not, you will be asked to go for a walk if necessary and may be booked for a later date. We have lots of lollies and treats to get baby moving if this does happen but make sure you eat and drink plenty beforehand!


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