4D Bonding Scan – Manchester

Come to Lollipop 4D Baby Scans for your bonding scan between 24—30 weeks to optimise your chance of getting lovely pictures of baby. Our state of the art HD technology means you can see baby in 3D/4D but also in High Definition for no extra charge. Our packages include the 4D scan, also conducted in HD and you can mix and match to include prints, a CD of images, video of baby moving on a DVD, heartbeat bears and keyrings.

As with all scans at Lollipop Pregnancy Scanning Centre the primary purpose to check the wellbeing of baby, following on from this you can also seeing baby’s gorgeous face on our huge projector screen which is much bigger than most TV’s.

And what’s more you also get a guaranteed rescan if baby is looking the wrong way if  you come in the time frame recommended. If you have any queries please ask staff for details.

Package 1 (£70) – Fetal wellbeing, 4D scan including 2 pictures and a CD of images (also in HD);
Package 2 (£90) – Fetal wellbeing, 4D scan including 2 pictures, a CD of images on and a video on DVD (also in HD);
Package 3 (£110) – Fetal wellbeing, 4D scan including 2 pictures, a CD of images, a video on a DVD plus one of our Heartbeat bears in the colour of your choice (also in HD).


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