Early 14 Week Gender Scan – Manchester

Located at 10 Bradley Street in the Northern Quarter, get your early gender scan in Manchester a whole fortnight earlier with Lollipop 4D Baby Scans, as we do them from 14 weeks!* Make your gender reveal extra special with our cannons for £20, balloons are £39.99 and heartbeat bears for £24.99 in lost of different colours. Bring your friends and family and come and see baby in 3D/4D yes and in HD if you wish.

  • We pride ourselves on our gender scans and guarantee as many rescans as you need if we can’t tell the sex on the day due to baby’s position**
  • Buy extras such as pictures in 3D/4D and HD, heartbeat bears (£24.99), huge cannons (£20), balloons (£25) 
  • Also see baby moving and take a video home with our DVD package

Package 1 Gender scan (£70) –  2 pictures printed and a CD with all the images on;
Package 2 Gender scan (£90) –  2 pictures printed, a CD with all the images on plus a moving DVD of the scan;
Package 3 Gender scan (£110) – 2 pictures printed, a CD with all the images, a moving DVD of the scan and a Heartbeat bear.

* This may not be possible with a high maternal BMI.

**Only valid if 14 weeks or over on day of scan. Must be proven with hospital report.

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