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Welcome to Lollipop Baby Scans Manchester’s leading obstetric ultrasound clinic based in the Northern Quarter in the city centre and Ashton-under-Lyne. 

At Lollipop Pregnancy Care Centre the primary purpose of all scan packages is the health and well being of your baby. Ultrasound is a fantastic way of obtaining the developing baby. We give expectant mums the chance to see their little bundle growing whilst putting baby’s wellbeing as our number one priority. We use qualified staff and a state of the art Voluson S8 ultrasound machine ensuring your glimpse of baby, whether at 7 weeks for an early scan, 15 weeks for a gender scan or 24-30 weeks for a bonding scan is as special as you would expect at this precious time. Pregnancy can be an anxious time and we are here to help. 

Our Manchester early scans can be known as dating scans, reassurance scans or viability scans but with Lollipop Baby Scans you receive all 3 for only £50, from 7 weeks

Our early gender scans are from 15 weeks and we have an enviable record from this stage. These start at only £60 but can be used in our packages dependent on what you would like to take away with you.

Our 4D and HD baby scan from 24weeks onwards let you meet baby and increase the amazing bond you already have with them. HD scanning is the next level in baby scan and let’s you see baby in greater detail than a regular 4D scan. You can bring family and friends too to help with that bond.

At Lollipop, our main aim is and always has been to ensure the wellbeing ofbaby and mum. With us, you can have the excitement of finding out the sex orseeing baby’s features in the confidence our experienced staff have your health as number one priority

We have been established in Manchester City centre for many years and have done over 15,000 scans for expectant mums. All scans from 7 weeks will include a check to see the heartbeat which can put your mind at ease. Furthermore, our experienced and qualified staff do gender scans from 15 weeks, so you can find out if it’s a girl or a boy that little bit earlier. You can also add gender confirmation to our bonding scans free of charge (as long as baby lets us!) and with our packages we have heartbeat teddy bears, huge gender balloons and massive cannons for those special gender reveals.

With Lollipop you can be certain our experienced staff will help whichever stage of pregnancy you decide to book with us, which you can see here:

  • Early scans from 7 weeks to check the heartbeat and to get an estimated due date
  • Sexing/gender scans from 15 weeks, a week earlier than most other scan clinics
  • You can double check gender if the hospital aren’t certain
  • See your little one in glorious 4D/HD on our huge projector screen
  • Bring your family members along to see baby, we try not to have a limit on guests unlike the NHS

And importantly we are fully approved by the CQC who are the regulatory body for our industry.

If you’re looking to book or just want some advice, please give our friendly staff a call.

What do our clients think of us?

Ashley Yarwood
Ashley Yarwood
11:52 26 Jul 19
Just had our third scan today at lollipop (26 week bonding scan) previously having had our early scan and gender scan here, once again amazing experience from start to finish! Lovely staff, very friendly, even with our two excited girls!! Absolutely fantastic photos! Would 100% recommend.. thankyou everyone at lollipop xxxx
Rida Babar
Rida Babar
09:36 12 Jul 19
came today for a gender scan for the second time, absolutely loved the experience. Very lovely and highly professional staff. The place is very welcoming and cosy. Would highly recommend lollipop scan. Thank you for making my experience so amazing ❤️
Damien Walsh
Damien Walsh
12:20 11 Jul 19
Great place came for my gender scam and found out I was having another boy made me feel at ease and didn't give up on trying to find our what we was having. They then messaged me to see if I would like a free scan for some training then the training got cancelled and they still had me come in. The women was amazing and was great again made me feel at ease and got some brilliant photos of my boy. Highly recommend x
Laura S
Laura S
13:24 06 Jul 19
Really lovely staff and great photos. Came for our early reassurance and came back again for our early gender. Would highly recommend!
Kieran Maydew
Kieran Maydew
16:16 02 Jul 19
We had our 4D scan at lollipop in Ashton, the first ones through the door in there brand new shop. From start to finish they was brilliant, as baby wasn’t co operating in facing the right way, so Anne sent us off on a little walk round and told us to return when baby has moved. On returning everything went well, seeing our little baby’s full face and also them finding out the gender which was kept a secret from us. We bought the cannon, which was excellent, a lovely way of finding out what you’re having, ours being a BOY!! We’re over the moon! Thanks for everything LOLLIPOP 10/10!! 💙💙😃🍭
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson
08:40 15 Jun 19
We've been several times to lollipop and it's always been amazing experience. Super friendly and the huge screen is amazing. Cant recommend enough. Worth every penny and good options for packages
Kate Hunt
Kate Hunt
15:01 17 Sep 18
We booked a gender scan to include our boys more fully than they can be at the hospital scans. It was a fantastic experience for all of us. Despite having a very uncooperative baby, the sonographer was calm, encouraging and patient: rescanning us 20 minutes later to give baby chance to move. She included the boys fully, laughing and encouraging them whilst showing them all the things that they wanted to see. She made the experience memorable for them. I would recommend without hesitation.
Rachael Cullen
Rachael Cullen
15:37 16 Sep 18
I came to lollipop last week and it was lovely!!! We got some gorgeous pics of out little girl! The sonographer was excellent and made our experience one to remember . Thanks So much for everything we are so excited to meet our little lady xxx
Cleo Kinsey-Lyons
Cleo Kinsey-Lyons
12:55 14 Sep 18
Highly recommend Lollipop 4D scans. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, and the quality of images were far superior to anywhere else I've seen. Thank you so much for a great experience, love my photos and Heartbeat Bear ❤️❤️
Suzanne Mahoney
Suzanne Mahoney
15:39 11 Sep 18
My partner and I came in for a gender scan at 15 weeks on the 11th August and were told we were expecting a little boy. We had a lovely experience provided by the friendly staff who work there, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. As my partner and I already have two girls, we were over the moon! ❤️ Surprisingly, we were told we were expecting a little girl during my 20 week anomaly scan yesterday. 😱 To say we were shocked would be an understatement! We called lollipop after returning home and explained our situation. I was invited to come in for a rescan today by the owner who wanted to help us get to the bottom of things. Well, it turns out we ARE expecting a little boy after all. 😊 I can’t thank the owner (who came in on her day off to rescan me! What a lovely, thoughtful lady! ❤️) and the staff at lollipop enough for putting our minds at ease and providing me with the second scan at no charge despite being right from the start. She clearly pointed everything out to me and explained that she was 100% positive I was having a boy. I have absolutely no doubt now. I was even given a CD with images on so that I could show my partner as he hadn’t been able to take the day off work to accompany me. I would 100% recommend lollipop to anyone. They went above and beyond what we expected from them. If I hadn’t have had these two scans I’d be one very confused mum in January! 😅 Thank you so much for everything! x
James Gerrard
James Gerrard
17:36 05 Sep 18
We have had three scans at Lollipops, one early scan and two 4D scans. Our kids loved seeing their little brother before he’s born. Highly recommend, lovely girls at Lollipops.
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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

A 4D ultrasound test is a way of reproducing a moving image of your baby inside your womb. The 4D ultrasound uses sound waves to create this moving image. In a 3D ultrasound, you can see a three-dimensional image of your baby. A 4D ultrasound takes this experience to the next level. It creates an effect that is similar to watching a live video.

Using this technology, you can see what your baby is doing at that moment inside your womb. In fact, you can even see if your baby is yawning or smiling at that particular moment!

  • A device known as transducer is moved along your abdomen.
  • This will send the sound waves via your abdomen and through your uterus.
  • These sound waves will bounce off your baby in the form of echoes.
  • The monitor will pick up these echo messages and translate them on to the screen.
  • As your baby moves and kicks about, you will be able to see the images on the ultrasound screen.

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